Personal Lines – Spring 2019

Auto Insurance Policy Changes You Should Know About

insurance policy papersIncluding updates on flying cars, key fobs and pet injury coverage.
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Dr. Risk Management says, “Get an Insurance Checkup”

insurance checklistIt’s good for your financial health because having too little — or too much insurance — can cost you money. A regular insurance checkup can help ensure you have the amount and type of coverage you need. Read on for details.

How Does Green Construction Affect Insurance Costs?

grass houseIn the next three years developers expect 60 percent of their projects will be Green.
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Benefits of Green Construction

Siting and design efficiency — the goal is to minimize impact in terms of a building’s location and the surrounding environment.
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Life and Health Insurance Advisor – Spring 2019

9 Proactive Techniques to Improve Your Workers’ Comp Program and Save Money

arm in a braceYour agent is an excellent resource for ensuring you’re ready when an accident happens — and it doesn’t cost more than necessary.
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What Is Integrated Disability?

people shaking handsWith companies like MetLife and Travelers working together to create programs such as their trademarked Synchrony, the concept of integrated disability is gaining wider acceptance, though there are still hurdles.
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Workplace Injuries — What Are the Odds?

woman walking through airportOdds are workplace injuries won’t happen — yet they do. The odds can be lowered considerably by taking control of the work environment and ensuring employees perform the job the right way.
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Meet Your Insurance Professional: Claims Examiner

Workers’ compensation insurers and some self-insured employers have employees who examine claims after they are submitted for payment.
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Insurance Buyers’ News – January/February 2019

Top Causes of Loss in the U.S. and the World

fire and black smokeThe largest financial losses worldwide come from fires/explosions and aviation incidents, according to an analysis of the Top Causes of Loss of 470,000 insurance losses around the world by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Insurance.Read on for details.

How to Protect Your Interests When Working with Contractors

people workingOne of the most effective and simplest ways of protecting your organization from liability due to contractors’ and subcontractors’ operations is with Additional Insured coverage.
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“Need to Have” Liability Coverages for Every Business

Are You Covered signsThere are insurance coverages that all businesses need, some that all businesses should consider, and some that you need only if you have special risk exposures.
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“Nice to Have” Policies Many Businesses Need

“Nice to have” policies are those that all businesses should at least consider purchasing. Three of the most important ones include:
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Employee Benefits Report – December 2018

A Simple Way for Small Employers to Assist Employees with Buying Health Insurance

forms & stethoscope
Are you having difficulty finding a good, affordable health care benefit plan for your small business? If so, have you considered using a QSEHRA as an alternative?
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What You Need to Know About the Growing Popularity of Home-Based Care

in home care nurseThe need for home health care aids is expected to increase more than 1.3 million by 2020.
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Does Sick Pay do What it’s Supposed to do? The Case For and Against

person home sick from workStudies show sick pay can reduce the spread of disease in the workplace, but also increase absenteeism.
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What’s In and Out with Benefit Programs

When you offer benefits to your employees, you want to provide the type of benefits that will attract and keep valued employees. However, benefits that once were popular can become less desirable.
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Insurance Buyers’ News – November/December 2018

Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Car Crashes

young man drivingAlthough the workplace impact of marijuana in states where it’s been legalized has mainly been a workers compensation concern, a recent study now links marijuana use to increased auto crash claims.Read on for details.

Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?

business woman on tightropeUnless you’re an attorney, doctor or accountant, it may not be obvious to you that you may need professional liability insurance.
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What’s a “Reservation of Rights” Letter?

person signing paperAnd what should you do if you get one?
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What’s a “Reasonable Accommodation”?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments apply to employers with 15 or more employees. These employers cannot discriminate against individuals with disabilities in hiring, promoting, retaining and other aspects of employment.
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Life and Health Insurance Advisor – November 2018

Keeping Up with Medicare Changes

medicare puzzle pieceHere’s what you need to know for 2019.
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Individual ACA Rates are Going Up, Up, Up — Here’s Why

increasing coin stacksSome areas could see rate increases up to 98 percent
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Q&A: How to Add an Indexed Universal Life Policy to Your Retirement Portfolio

retirement plan notebookHow life Insurance can be an important part of your retirement plan.
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The Surprising Penalties of Genetic Testing

Personal DNA testing kits are all the rage.
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Personal Lines – Fall 2018

Hot-Car Deaths on the Rise

baby in carseatSince 1990, 800 children have died in hot cars. A combination of education, technology and legislation could help prevent these tragedies from happening in the future.
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How to Make an Insurance Claim

tabletWe hope it never happens, but when you suffer a loss, you’ll have to file a claim to receive payment from your insurer. Here’s how the process works, and how to handle it to your best advantage. Read on for details.

Is Your Home Ready for Windstorm Season?

fallen treeHurricane activity peaks in the fall, but severe windstorms can occur at any time of year. The following pointers can help you protect your property.
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What Is a Mortgage or Lenders Loss Payable Endorsement?

When you buy property, such as a home (real property) or a car (personal property), and make payments on it, the party that lent you the money to buy it will need a way to protect its financial interest. To do this they will require you to add to your home or auto insurance policy a Mortgage or a Lenders Loss Payable endorsement. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – Fall 2018

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Planning Now for Social Security Deficiencies

social security cardIf you’re like most people, Social Security will provide 40 percent of your income during retirement. Unfortunately, without changes, the federal government may not have enough money in 16 years to fully fund the program.
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The State of Medicare: 2018 and 2026

torn dollar billMedicare, like the federal government’s Social Security program, is on track to eventually run out of funds to pay the entire amount of claims made.
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Insurance That Goes Beyond Health Benefit Coverage

hospital roomHealth Insurance will not always protect you from financial devastation if you suffer from a critical illness.
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Too Much Blue Light? Filtering Lenses May be the Answer

Do you spend a lot of time working on a computer or looking at your smartphone? If so, are your eyes bothering you? Are you having difficulty sleeping?
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Employee Benefits Report – July 2018

Is Your Company’s Retirement Plan Safe from Hacking?

hacked computer
Many employees rely heavily on the money they put into their employer-sponsored 401(k) account to pay for their retirement. The last thing they want is for the money to be stolen by cyber thieves.
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Answering Your Employee’s Questions About Enrolling in Medicare

chalkboardWorking past age 65 is no longer uncommon. According to the U.S. Jobs report, almost 19 percent of people 65 or older worked at least part-time in the second quarter of 2017.
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What You Need to Know About Group Life Insurance

umbrellaEmployer sponsored life insurance is the way most Americans receive coverage. There are important decisions to make when offering coverage to employees.
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HSAs — Good for More Than Just Paying Medical Expenses

Your employees can enjoy the benefit of paying their long-term-care insurance premiums tax free — if you offer a Health Savings Account (HSA).
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Personal Lines – Summer 2018

9 Tips for Hiring a Home Repair Contractor

phoneDue diligence before you hire a contractor can save you time and money in the long run.
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Are Your Jewelry Items Insured for Their True Value?

cashDid you think your jewelry was covered under your homeowner’s policy? Read on for details.

How to Avoid Becoming a Fake Accident Victim

framesAuto accidents cost hundreds of billions of dollars each year and in some places, like New York City and Los Angeles, nearly one out of three accidents may not be an “accident” at all, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
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How to Protect Your Home-Based Business

Most homeowner’s policies exclude claims resulting from “business pursuits.”
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Insurance Buyers’ News – May/June 2018

How to Control Distracted Driving

non-profits liabilityTen percent of fatal crashes and 15 percent of injury crashes in 2015 involved distracted driving. It may actually be more. Here are some tips to help eliminate distracted driving. Read on for details.

Why ‘Side A’ Is Critical if You’re a Director or Officer

data management planningThere are three parts to a D&O Policy — Parts A, B and C. In recent years exposure to Part A risks have increased dramatically.
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Active Shooter Insurance Now Available

additional insuredSadly, active shooter incidents have become so common there is now an insurance market to insure the liability of the entities where they occur.
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How Much Business Income and Extra Expense Coverage Do You Need?

Direct physical damage to your premises is not the only problem you’ll face with a fire or other loss. Here are some important points to consider when evaluating your indirect damage:
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Employee Benefits Report – April 2018

Don’t Let a Flu Epidemic Take Your Business Down

association health plans
A particularly virulent influenza strain, H3N2, was responsible for a record number of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths this winter.
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Tuition Assistance for a Better Future

2Tuition assistance not only benefits your employees, it helps your company.
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Making a 401(k) Plan a Reality for Your Employees

3A 401(k) retirement plan is one of the most desirable and valuable benefits you can provide your employees. Having an employee retirement plan shows you care about their future and helps employees create a nest egg for a comfortable retirement.
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A Partnership with an Eye To Better Health Care

Three successful American companies decided to see if the status quo of rising health care costs and decreasing patient satisfaction can be improved.
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