Employee Benefits Report – July 2020

How to Keep Employees from Raiding Retirement Funds

man with hammer and piggy bank
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc upon the finances of many employees, and some have been forced to use funds from their retirement plans.
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3 Challenges for Benefit Managers During the Pandemic

man with briefcase and maskProviding benefit portability, helping employees manage their work/life balance and maintain financial stability can help employees during this difficult time.
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Mustering Employer Resources to Combat Mental Health Issues

woman holding her head with maskUnfortunately, as a consequence of the work-from-home, shelter-in-place and quarantine initiatives put in place to keep us safe from COVID-19, there has been a rise in emotional distress.
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What to Consider Before Employees Fly the Friendly Skies Again

Now that restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being lifted, some businesses are allowing employees to travel for work again.
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Personal Lines – Summer 2020

COVID-19 Update: How Insurance Companies are Helping Consumers

man holding umbrellaIn addition to payment relief to some customers, insurance companies are maintaining staff and supporting national pandemic relief efforts.
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Despite Its Low Cost, Most Consumers Don’t Buy Cyber Risk Insurance

digital lockA new report by the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) says most Americans underestimate the threat of cybercrime and are not buying insurance against it, despite its low cost.
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New Insurance Concepts That Could Save You Money

digital clockOn-demand insurance is expected to become a fundamental part of the insurance industry.
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CDC Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting against the Virus

Hygiene tips to combat COVID-19.
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Insurance Buyers News – May/June 2020

Business Income Insurance and the Coronavirus

closed signDuring a recent Coronavirus update meeting, President Donald Trump said that he thinks that many insurance companies should be paying business income losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.Read on for details.

Is Your Auto Insurance Delivering During the Pandemic?

pizza delivery personHas your business been declared an essential service during the pandemic? If so, you are probably making home deliveries either for the first time or to a greater extent than before.
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Cyber Security and Working Remotely in the Pandemic

lockNow with so many more people working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a good time to review your off-site cybersecurity practices. Read on for details.

Cyber Security for Mobile Devices

If you use a mobile device for company business, you should:
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Employee Benefits Report – April 2020

SECURE Act’s Effect on Retirement Plans

message board
Here’s a review of the changes that affect small employers and some large ones.
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ERISA Compliance for Small and Large Employers

older coupleDespite its name, Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) regulations apply not only to retirement plans, but to all “welfare” plans, including health benefits.
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How to Conduct a COBRA Self Audit

insurance coverage documentTo help avoid an audit, or to be prepared in case an audit is ordered, it’s best to conduct a self audit.
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Giving Benefits the Respect They Deserve (and the Law Requires)

If you offer your employees health benefit coverage, your substance abuse and mental health benefits should be comparable to the other medical benefits in your plan.
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Personal Lines – Spring 2020

Insurance for When Your House is not Your Home

houseThis can be an important matter in couple of instances: You’re living away from home for an extended period or you’re renting out all or part of your home. Read on for details.

Travel Insurance to the Rescue

woman with passportNot every trip justifies travel insurance, but for that big ticket, overseas, once or seldom in a lifetime excursion, travel insurance is at least worth considering. Read on for details.

Busting Auto Insurance Myths

car accidentMyth 1 — Red Cars Cost More to Insure Read on for details.

Important Travel Insurance Add-ons

Cancel Anytime Coverage: Some insurers offer policies with a Cancel Anytime feature which allows purchasers to cancel their trip for almost any unforeseen reason and even receive reimbursement for all or a portion of their non-refundable travel deposits. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – February 2002

How Life Insurance Works in Divorce Settlements

broken heartOf the two main types of life insurance, permanent and term, only permanent is usually a significant part of a divorce settlement. Read on for details.

Life Insurance and the High Cost of Vaping

girl holding vape penIs vaping safer than cigarettes? Insurance companies don’t think so. Read on for details.

Retirement Financial Planning: How to Set Realistic Goals

life planning timelineAs you get close to retirement, it makes sense to switch your mindset from saving for retirement to creating a financial plan that coordinates your spending and saving habits to achieve your retirement goals.
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How Accident and Disability Insurance Differ

Accident insurance and disability insurance might sound similar, but they have different, though complementary objectives. Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – January/February 2020

How to Create a Risk Management Plan

risk management gearsWhen we think of risk, the first thing that usually comes to mind is insurance. But insurance is just one component of a sound risk management plan. Read on for details.

New Insurance Products: Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

M&A chess boardThe use of insurance in mergers and acquisitions is on the rise, according to a recent report by Aon. Since 2014, there has been a 35 percent increase in M&A deals where warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance has been part of the transaction. Read on for details.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Is Much More than Insurance

big piece of equipmentEquipment Breakdown insurance – formerly called Boiler & Machinery insurance – covers much more than boilers and machinery. Read on for details.

What’s Covered in a Typical Equipment Breakdown Insurance Policy?

The typical equipment breakdown insurance policy includes the following coverages:
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Employee Benefits Report – December 2019

President Trump Issues New Health Coverage Responsibilities for Employers of Immigrants

visa application
New and proposed immigration requirements for documented and undocumented immigrants could impact employers who offer health care coverage.
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How Employers Can Avoid FMLA Pitfalls

FMLA handbookThe FMLA has been law since 1993 but employers can still find the rules confusing. Read on for details.

When is Indemnity Health Insurance an Acceptable Alternative to a Fully-Insured Plan?

stethoscope with block familyHere’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages.
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Are Your Workplace Policies Up to Date about Vaping?

The popularity of vaping is sending some employers scrambling to craft workplace policies governing the use of electronic cigarettes. Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – November/December 2019

How to Insure against Alleged Whistleblowers

whistle with zipperEmployees file lawsuits against their employers for many reasons. A 62-year-old white male employee with a positive performance record and favorable bonuses was terminated by a foundation. He sued the foundation … Read on for details.

Are Insurance Companies Prepared for Another 9/11?

NYC at nightThe terrorist attacks on 9/11, in which terrorists hijacked and flew commercial airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, demonstrated how such events are unpredictable, highly destructive and possibly uninsurable.
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Why You — not just “Dolly” and “Bruce” — Might Need Surplus Lines Insurance

woman on tightropeA change in your business strategy can create a need to access the surplus lines market.
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What Does Surplus Lines Cover and How Do You Buy It?

Surplus lines insurers handle a broad range of business risks. These are some examples of the types of risk commonly insured by excess and surplus lines insurers: Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – November 2019

A Beneficiary’s Guide to Filing a Life Insurance Claim

death certificateA life insurance policy can be a thoughtful way to provide for loved ones after you die. But what happens if you are the beneficiary of someone’s life insurance policy?
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Two Medicare Enrollment Periods for 2020 Benefits

Medicare puzzle pieceHappy with your Medicare benefits? Not interested in making changes for 2020? Great! You don’t have to do a thing.
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The Case for and Against Universal Health Care

hands holding a heartOne of the hot topics of the 2020 presidential election is universal health care– especially among progressive Democrat candidates. 
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The Benefits of Purchasing Life and Disability Insurance Together

Most people easily grasp the importance of having a life insurance plan. Death is inevitable and life insurance can provide a surviving spouse, children and other dependents with the funds to maintain their standard of living.  
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Personal Lines – Fall 2019

Good News, Bad News about Car Theft

car thiefTen 10 tips to keep you from being victim to increasingly clever car thieves.
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Why You Always Need an Umbrella — Even When It Isn’t Raining

lightning stormBad things happen: that’s why people buy auto and homeowners insurance policies. But America’s love affair with lawsuits means your coverage could fall short. That’s where umbrella insurance policies come in. They provide a convenient and surprisingly affordable extra layer of protection for your key assets. Read on for details.

How to Protect against Lightning

umbrellaLightning is the most dangerous and frequently-encountered weather hazard that most people experience each year. How to protect yourself and your home.
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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Although people in the U.S. are better prepared today for an emergency than several years ago, only 43 percent of respondents in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 2017 National Household survey said they had taken at least three of the actions listed below to prepare for a potential emergency.
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Life & Health Insurance Advisor – August 2019

Benefits of Hospital Indemnity Insurance

emergency roomHospital indemnity insurance is gaining in popularity as a way to deal with increasingly higher out-of-pocket expenses.
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Important Changes to Medicare Part D

Medicare puzzle pieceIf you’re retired and have health care coverage through Medicare Advantage Part C or Original Medicare and a Part D plan, you should know that a few changes have been made.
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What to Know: Long-term vs. Short-Term Disability Insurance

man with broken armNo one really expects to become disabled, but it does happen.
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Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

The last thing you want to think about when planning your dream vacation is canceling your trip. Still, it pays to plan ahead and travel insurance can be one of the most important items you take.
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